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Airwork connects top workers to available shifts at warehouses, distribution centres and events.



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Our mission

Our mission is to provide local businesses a flexible workforce, workers the power to control their work, and a channel for them to meet. To achieve this, we have created an online marketplace to connect local Canadian businesses with top quality workers.

Our investors
SHL Capital
These are the same investors as some of the best companies in the world
Our values


We are strong believers in flexibility. The flexibility to work, play, and live as one desires. For us, we believe a culture of flexibility not only allows us to adapt quickly to changes, but sets the trajectory for leading the industry.


We believe that in order to build real trust between teammates, with our clients, and with the world, we must be open and honest about everything.


We believe that it is imperative to learn and exercise human empathy to build a meaningful workplace and business.

Observe, listen, empathize, do.

Growth Mindset

Having a growth mindset means constantly striving to better yourself, and to always be open to learning new things and trying new experiences.


We believe that the simplest and most obvious solutions are often the most elegant. We strive to always bring about the maximal impact with the minimal change.


We believe ownership is the best path to success. The only way to build true pride in your work is if you own it. Take ownership of your work, your career, and your life.

Who we are

Meet the team!

Gary Lin
Founder and CEO
Shannie Brière
Director of Operations
Aaron Ngu
Software Engineer
Soroush Nazari
Account Executive
Amy Chen
Junior Software Engineer
Clarence Ng
Sr. Frontend Engineer
Vicki Chow
Sr. Backend Engineer
Ruslan Belkin
Strategic Advisor
Stan Chan
Engineering Advisor
Nancy Soni
Talent Advisor

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