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Questions by Companies

Last Updated: August 29th 2022

Where does Airwork operate?

Airwork is quickly expanding across Canada, but currently operates in the Greater Toronto Area, including but not limited to:

  1. Toronto
  2. Mississauga
  3. Brampton
  4. Vaughan
  5. Richmond Hill
  6. Markham
  7. Pickering
  8. Ajax
  9. Oakville
  10. Milton

If you are interested in finding workers outside of the current operational regions, please contact us at

What does it cost to hire workers through Airwork?

There are no hidden fees or charges! Airwork charges a consistent 20% platform fee on the hourly wage of the worker. Airworkers are paid hourly and only for the hours they work.

What type of roles does Airwork offer?

Airwork offers a variety of on-site roles for supply chain and logistics companies:

  1. General labourers
  2. Warehouse associates
  3. Distribution clerks
  4. Shipping and receiving operators
  5. Picking and packaging operators
  6. Shift leaders
  7. Supervisors

If you need workers for a different space or discipline, contact us at

How do you ensure worker quality?

All Airworkers are vetted to ensure you have the best workers for your team. We start by filtering for relevant experience in resumes, before inviting them to a Zoom interview. We gauge for ability to follow instructions, English fluency, ability to learn, ability to handle different packages/materials, prior experience, and relevant certifications. If all passes, they will be invited to join the Airwork network.

To ensure we maintain worker quality long term, you'll be able to rate and review workers once they complete their shifts. Any worker with consistent reviews below threshold will be suspended from the platform.

Are Airworkers employees of Airwork or us?

Airworkers are legally considered Self-Employed Individuals, so they are neither your employees nor ours. Instead, they will be contracting their services to you via the Airwork platform. This also means you are relieved of benefits/CPP/EI remittances.

Are your workers insured?

All Airworkers are covered under Airwork's WSIB insurance umbrella. If you need a copy of our WSIB clearance, email

How do I start requesting workers?

Feel free to sign up directly here or email us at and we will help you set up an account.

Can I hire an Airworker that I like?

Yes! We are always happy when Airworkers are offered full time employment with our partners. There is a $3000 fee if you have used less than 500 billable hours on Airwork for your business. If you've used 500 or more billable hours, it's free!

How do I cancel a shift?

Cancelling a shift can be done on the website, by emailing us at or by calling us at (647) 490-8081. As Airwork aims to provide the best experience to both workers and employers, there are charges associated with cancelling open shifts depending on when the shift starts and when you cancel:

  • Cancelling over 24 hours prior to shift start time incurs no charges
  • Cancelling between 12-24 hours prior to shift start time incurs a 50% charge on the total estimated wages. This is to compensate workers who have committed to your shift and would likely not be able to find anything else for the allotted time
  • Cancelling less than 12 hours prior to shift start time incurs a 100% charge on the total amount to compensate workers for the lost shift

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